Certified Sales and Marketing Professional

Price £950.00
Price £950.00

As a CSMP™, you will gain the skills needed to effectively manage and implement sales and marketing strategies that align with your organization’s goals. You will develop core competencies that will allow you to demonstrate your expertise in sales and marketing and drive business growth.

The CSMP™ journey includes ten modules:

The Evolution of Sales and Marketing and Introduction to the CSMP™ Program
Managing a High-Performance Sales and Marketing Team
Creating Strategic Alignment with Business Goals
Mastering the Process of Market Research and Customer Analysis
Achieving Business Goals by Optimizing Your Organization’s Sales Processes
Leveraging Technology to Enhance Sales and Marketing Efforts
Developing Solutions Based on Market Trends and Business Acumen
Choosing Development and Implementation Strategies that Drive Sales Performance
How to Assess Sales and Marketing Performance for Better Outcomes
Preparing for the CSMP™ Exam
The objectives of the CSMP™ designation are to:

Recognize the specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals who oversee sales and marketing as their primary job responsibility
Encourage continued professional development in the areas of sales strategy, marketing innovations, and customer relationship management
Develop sales and marketing outcomes, gather feedback, and evaluate the effectiveness
Enhance the quality of job performance and skill level of these specialized professionals

Successful completion of the CSMP™ exam is your last step in achieving certification. The one-and-a-half-hour online exam can be accessed at any time following the completion of your practicum.

The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions designed to test your knowledge of the core principles needed to effectively manage sales and marketing strategies and your ability to apply best practices in various sales and marketing scenarios.

Candidates must receive a score of 70 or higher to pass the exam and earn the CSMP™ credential. Upon passing the exam, you will receive a CSMP™ certificate recognizing your achievement and a social badge designating your credential.

The attestation section of the application addresses the following required competencies:


Demonstrates adequate knowledge of sales and marketing strategies
Adequately measures and assesses market needs
Develops content using marketing design best practices
Develops sales and marketing materials
Develops plans for the transfer of knowledge, skills, and abilities from senior staff to incoming employees and junior staff
Evaluates the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns

Embraces and encourages continuous learning in sales and marketing practices
Understands how professional development, training, and education fit into the strategic goals of the organization
Embraces technology-driven marketing options

Exhibits strong interpersonal and communication skills
Establishes strong connections with sales and marketing teams
Seeks feedback from clients and customers to improve sales and marketing programs

Every three years, holders of the CSMP™ designation must submit 63 continuing education hours (CEHs) to renew certification. If this requirement is exceeded, up to 14 CEHs may be carried over into the new three-year term.

Continuing education should be selected to maintain, improve, or expand the certificate holder’s knowledge, skills, and abilities.

This format provides a comprehensive overview and clear structure for the Certified Sales and Marketing Professional program.

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