CIPM® Level 2

Price £500.00
Price £500.00


The Certified International Procurement Manager (CIPM) is the Advanced Level Certification CSOBM of Purchasing Management Series.

This certificate is suitable for individuals keen to progress their professional careers in the management of Procurement and Purchasing. The business management process recognizes the growing complexity and heavy demands of the role of purchasing in the supply chain operation and the value it brings to the bottom line of any organization.

Certification Objectives

  1. To develop an in-depth understanding of the international sourcing, management and administration processes, and current issues related to purchasing and supply chain management in an international context.
  2. To develop an understanding of what to study and how to study in preparation for the CIPM.


Benefits to Organisation:

  • The ability to deliver real value in a shorter time
  • Reduce the number of non-value adding activities
  • Improved relations between personnel, customers, and suppliers
  • Reduction in the total cost of ownership
  • Improved supplier performance



Completing the certification program requires conducting an 80 question multiple-choice examination.

The individual candidates and their proctors determine the examination locations.

A proctor may be an individual who is currently an active Certified Member, or a manager, supervisor, teacher, professor, or anyone of such standing.

Each proctor is determined on a case-by-case basis. CSOBM wishes to make it possible for every qualified candidate to complete the certification program in a convenient and timely manner.

Exam Information

  • Training Format Accredited Training Provider