Price £900.00
Price £900.00


This internationally-recognized qualification gives you the knowledge and skills needed to advise decision-making authorities on governance-related issues affecting private, voluntary, and public sector organizations

Today’s organizations work harder than ever to adapt to a rapidly changing world. This requires effective corporate governance that can help them increase their accountability and avoid significant disasters while being more responsive to stakeholder concerns and more transparent with investors.

Whether you’re already on a board or looking to join one, this program will help you navigate unexpected enterprise risks while capably monitoring financial performance.

This program will enable you to interpret the frameworks underlying corporate governance law to support the development of good governance practices and effective stakeholder dialogue throughout your organization while being aware of legal obligations and best practices.

From the technical responsibilities of a committee to the nuances of guiding an organization through contemporary challenges, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the role of corporate governance and gain critical insights into the realities of board service.

Students who complete the Certificate in Corporate Governance are eligible to become Affiliated members and continue to benefit from the knowledge and support of our governance and compliance community.

Who is this certificate for?

This certificate is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of corporate governance and help boost their effectiveness on a corporate board.

The certificate is ideal for:

  • Current board members and senior executives interested in joining a board want to understand the various aspects of proactive governance and help drive strategic direction, risk oversight, and compensation.
  • C-suite executives looking to explore the duties and nuances of board service, help strengthen their company’s financial return, enterprise risk management, and governance diversity, and learn to take on existing effective and emerging issues.
  • Attorneys and consultants engaged in legal services seek to learn the fundamentals of corporate governance from various angles and how to assess the effectiveness and execution of governance roles and responsibilities.

The Certificate in Corporate Governance is an open-entry qualification. However, we recommend that applicants work in a relevant role and have some work experience in the area.

Certification Objectives

This program enables you to explore the processes and responsibilities that drive corporate governance. It also includes a handbook where you can reflect on the program content and help you succeed in a board member role.

Topics addressed include:

  • Laying the groundwork: Begin by drafting your director bio and exploring the importance of marketing yourself.
  • Conducting a personal skills audit: Assess your professional background to help you understand your strengths and any critical gaps in your knowledge or experience for board positions you’re seeking.
  • Finding your director doppelganger: Focus on strategically networking with directors who possess experience/characteristic profiles similar to yours, as they can help point you toward boards that are looking for a candidate with your profile.
  • Demonstrating your grit: Be able to articulate your experience in crisis/adversity situations persuasively.
  • Completing a leadership style assessment: Consider how your style informs the way you would manage various stakeholders, as well as which stakeholders you’re most comfortable interacting with and advocating for in the boardroom.
  • Putting the pieces together: Define and characterize your guiding principles via a concise and compelling board value statement.


Benefits for the organization

This program is of direct relevance to Private Sector, Public Sector, Government and Non-Governmental entities and authorities which can achieve improvements in their operations through:

  • Developing an Effective implementable Corporate Governance framework based on best practices and international standards
  • Identifying the areas for change
  • Improvement in current Corporate Governance Practices
  • Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Strategic Planning
  • Progress in the Management system


Students for this qualification pay a single one-off fee, which covers the cost of the study guide and single exam registration.

Qualification status will be assessed by 3-hours paper-based open questions written exam proctored by the invigilator.

Exam Information

  • Training Format Accredited Training Provider