Certified Recruitment Professional (CRP)

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Price £950.00
Price £950.00

The recruitment and selection function represents the entry point for employees in any organization. It
can make or break the achievement of organizational objectives.
This certificate will take you from the basics to this critical HR function’s advanced and strategic aspects.
It will show you the logical and correct steps you must take to structure and implement recruitment and
selection practices in your organization.
We have crafted the Recruitment Certification Scheme with inputs from all three of the UK’s
enforcement bodies responsible for state enforcement of specific employment rights – EAS, HMRC
NMW/NLW team & GLAA.

Company Certification – Professional Certification ensures that you’re ready to meet the demands of
clients. Demonstrates your understanding of effective and promising recruitment’s fundamental
knowledge, terminology, and processes.

Personal Certification – For Agency & In-House recruiters – The recognition you deserve and credibility
you need. Whether you’re at an entry-level looking for your first recruitment job, you want to boost
your career with an advanced recruitment certification.
This certification program focuses on the core components of recruiting and helps to learn:

  • How to build an organized plan for building a custom recruiting strategy for any requisition.
  • Building a candidate pipeline, preparing for cold calls, and effective contracting strategies.
  • Successful interview and negotiating processes and methodologies.
  • Methods for conducting more effective intake calls with managers and clients to build a profile
    for individuals who will perform successfully in the role.
  • A practicable approach to working with candidates and hiring managers.
  • A structured process and templates for process improvement to obtain feedback from
    candidates and hiring managers.
  • Importance of recruiting metrics, time management, and developing industry expertise.

What Certification Offers:

  • Enriches self-image and reputation among peers
  • Improves career opportunities, promotion, and job portability
  • Encourages lifelong learning and professional development
  • Receive Industry News & Insights

The certification exam is on-demand, available upon completion of an accredited course.
The certification is valid for two years, and alumni can re-certify.

Exam Information

  • Training Format Accredited Training Provider