Price £950.00
Price £950.00

Certificate Overview

Feasibility studies address issues that could influence the success of a potential project and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each option so they can be ranked.

The end product of the study is a clear, concise report which presents the proposed project’s objectives, with conclusions and recommendations for the next phase.

This program is designed to introduce best practices in feasibility analysis and demonstrate how the practical application of this analysis in all dimensions of business development can result in market-leading levels of competitive performance – resulting in sustained business excellence.


Key certification objectives include how to:

  • Establish the linkage between feasibility studies, business plan, and company strategy
  • Understand the process of conducting a robust and dynamic feasibility study
  • Develop, execute and evaluate a feasibility study
  • Identify problems and opportunities within a business and define successful outcomes
  • Set business planning objectives
  • Integrating feasibility studies within a robust business plan

Organizational Impact

The organization will benefit from participants who know how to:

  • Prepare a robust and reliable feasibility report
  • Measure the impact of competing alternative possibilities
  • Demonstrate decision-making skills based on the interpretation of broad-ranging and potentially incomplete or conflicting information
  • Evaluate the risks facing a proposal and develop strategies to avoid or mitigate these risks
  • Present reports that result in practical and appropriate action

Personal Impact

By participating in this program, delegates will develop skills through:

  • Understanding the importance of feasibility studies within business management
  • Contributing to creating a successful business plan based on feasibility studies
  • Being confident in identifying and engaging the correct stakeholders
  • Turning vision and mission into reality
  • Reviewing the impact of completed studies on renewing the business plan
  • Developing key indicators to track progress and performance

Participants Profile

  • Operations managers and team leaders
  • Marketing and business development specialists
  • Systems analysts and business process designers
  • Financial analysts and management accountants
  • Change management specialists

What do I Need to Become a CFSP®?

To earn the CFSP® designation, candidates must:

  • Complete a minimum of 7,500 hours of Business Analysis Work experience in the last 10 years.
  • Complete a minimum of 35 hours of professional development course.
  • Provide two references.
  • Agree to Code of Conduct.
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions.
  • Pass the exam.

Exam Format

The CFSP ® exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions and must be completed within 3.5 hours.

Formulated from the Study Guide, exam questions are both scenario and case-study-based.

Exam Information

  • Training Format Accredited Training Provider