Certified Compliance Analyst (CCA)™

Price £750.00
Price £750.00

The corporate world can be a high-risk and challenging environment that demands a proactive compliance approach. Being certified in this dynamic, changing profession can help mitigate compliance-related risks.

Compliance Certification is a management program designed to teach a practical understanding of regulatory compliance needs. The program covers eight major subject areas and utilizes a variety of training techniques.

The key areas of the curriculum include understanding the regulatory environment, who is responsible for the compliance, the role of corporate governance and ethics in compliance programs, and the implementation of compliance programs.

The emphasis will be on practical and pragmatic approaches, rather than theoretical.

Through this qualification, you will:

  • learn what regulation is and why we need it
  • discover how we got to where we are today
  • appreciate the role of compliance functions and compliance professionals
  • understand how compliance works in practice

This program is suitable for:

  • All staff working in or aspiring to work in the compliance area
  • Internal and external audit staff
  • Staff working in risk functions
  • Regulatory representatives
Submit your application

Are you eligible? Submit your application outlining your qualifications – you need 40 eligibility credits to apply.

Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements and who successfully pass the examination attain the two-year designation. This is an actively-held certification in which maintenance within an individual’s renewal period is required to be eligible for renewal beyond this initial two-year renewal period.

To apply to sit for an examination, you must gain the necessary work experience. You must be a Compliance Professional.

Being a Compliance Professional means (All must apply):

  • You have at least one year in a full-time compliance position or 1,500 hours of direct compliance job duties earned in the two years preceding your application date
The study, then schedule your CAMS Exam

You can choose self-study or enhanced learning paths. Take the exam when you’re ready.

Compliance & Risk-Focused Benefits

  • Designator Letters – When you join the Institute you will be able to use designator letters gained from achieving your compliance or risk qualification and set yourself apart from other practitioners in today’s competitive market.
  • Join our Professional Forums for Compliance, Risk, and European Regulation – More than 3,000 compliance and risk practitioners meet regularly in London to network and discuss relevant sector topics.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events – Enjoy exclusive and free attendance at compliance and risk-focused seminars and events worldwide.
  • Change, the regulatory update, a quarterly publication that details changes and hot topics in the world of the regulations

Give yourself an advantage when interacting with other professionals in the industry. The rigorous standards and professional conduct required for certification demonstrate a diligent effort on the part of the compliance practitioner and verify broad-based knowledge in the discipline being tested.

  • Enhance your credibility within your organization, among peers, and strengthen the credibility of the compliance programs you develop, implement, and maintain within your organization.
  • Arm you with the broad-based knowledge necessary to perform compliance functions.
  • Help establish professional standards and status for compliance professionals

Exam Information

  • Training Format Accredited Training Provider